A1 Hard Chrome is a specialist reclamation engineering company based in Auburn, Sydney, NSW.

We are experts in hard chroming, electroplating, metallising and cylindrical grinding.

Established for more than 40 years, A1 Hard Chrome has a long standing reputation for producing the best quality work, at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on having one of the fastest turnaround times, while maintaining the highest standard of work and continuing to deliver to our clients’ varied needs.




We cater to both large and small businesses and service a range of clients from across the eastern seaboard of Australia. We are experienced in the mining, earth moving and construction, food production and motor vehicle industries.

Hard chroming is an effective treatment for a variety of metals that will save you time and money compared with purchasing a new item. According to research, you will double its lifespan by applying hard chrome

We offer a number of repair and refurbishment options, including electroplating, surface finishing, grinding, welding, honing, turning and linishing.

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or check out our services page.

Please note that we DO NOT do any decorative chroming such as mag wheels or bumper bars. This is for hard wearing chrome surfaces only.